The condition of my house isn't great. Will Direct Move still give me an offer?


We make cash offers for most properties that we view. Some do require a little TLC. If we are looking in your specific area, there is a high chance that we can make you an offer, regardless of the property's condition. The fact that a little work on the property is required will be reflected in the valuation.


What happens after I fill in your FREE VALUATION form?


A member of our friendly team will give you a call within 24 hours in most cases. He or she will gather a few details about yourself and the property you wish to have valued. A member of our valuation team will then arrange to meet you and to view your house.


What do you get out of this? There must be a catch!


As we often deal with CASH sales, we can exchange quickly. Having direct contact with the seller often makes the process quicker too! We have a long waiting list of potential buyers and tenants who want homes in specific areas. A Quick exchange helps us AND the you... WIN-WIN.


If I decide to sell, how long will the process take?


We have our solicitors in place, ready to act on our behalf. If you need things to move quickly, we can have the whole process completed in a few weeks. 

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