What do YOU want from your Buy-To-Let?


Most property owners simply want to guarantee an income without the daily hassles of being a landlord and find that our offer provides a quick, easy and profitable solution

Key Benefits
  • You have ONE tenant... Direct Move.

  • Guaranteed fixed rate rent even if the property is void*

  • Long term agreements...upto 5 years!

  • All your maintenace and repairs paid by us*

  • No more hassles from tenants about repairs as they call us.

  • Professional, corporate tenants.

  • We handle all the deposits

  • YOU have rent paid into your bank account EVERY MONTH without fail.








*subject to agreed terms and conditions

The Service we provide


  • Guaranteed rent for 365 days of the year

  • We can often UPGRADE your property for FREE!

  • We pay all the bills

  • We handle basic maintenance and repairs*

  • We collect deposits and take care of all the admin

  • We send a cleaner in weekly and a gardener when required.

  • We handle all rent arrears and court costs.

  • We DO NOT CHARGE YOU ANY FEES. No finders fees, no inventory fees, no management fees.

  • We return your property to you in a great condition 

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