Having Trouble SELLING your property?


We may be able to help with an alternative to the conventional way of selling a property. You can AVOID REPOSSESSION or be given an opportunity to be FREE to move on.

What is a Lease Option?


An option is a contract between yourself (seller) and a buyer which gives the buyer the use of the property from the date of signing the agreement, and the right to buy it in the future.


During the option period the option holder takes on responsibility for the property and pays a monthly fee to YOU.


Under the terms of the contract, You must sell the property to the buyer if, and when he wishes to buy it.  Whilst the buyer will not be legally obliged to buy the property, it is the buyer’s intention to go ahead with the purchase.




When Direct Move can help


  • When you may prefer to sell but would consider letting their property.

  • When early repayment fees on a mortgage would otherwise stop a sale.

  • When you have already moved on but have the burden of an empty house.

  • When you have the financial worry of looking after two properties.

  • When you don’t have sufficient funds to cover all selling costs and fees. 

  • When you are a landlord who wants to retire, but is unable to sell due to Capital Gains Tax or other reasons.


Benefits to YOU
  • Peace of mind as the legal arrangements are handled by experienced solicitors

  • There is a fixed period, agreed at the outset, within which the sale may complete. 

  • It may be possible to pay you more than they would get by selling it in the usual way in the current climate

  • Contracts protect the interests of YOU and the buyer and are binding.



  • The seller is free to move on, whether that is for work, to upsize or downsize, or for other personal reasons

  • The Lease Option arrangement has helped many who may otherwise have lost the property due to personal circumstances

  • The buyer makes a monthly payment to the lender or yourself during the term, often covering your mortgage payements, thereby relieving the pressure of paying a mortgage on a property they do not live in

  • A fully repairing lease frees you from any ongoing or future property expense. Your property is well taken care of.

  • Completion can be timed so that you can avoid early redemption penalties or mitigates Capital Gains Tax, making an otherwise difficult sale financially viable

When a Lease Option DOES NOT WORK


  • When you're in dire financial difficulties (although we can help with mortgage arrears or avoiding re-possession)

  • When you need the equity out of the house in order to move on

  • When you are not comfortable with letting the house out

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